Welcome to Japan

Mount Fuji appeared when we took off from Tokyo. I had a feeling this could happen and had my camera ready with my 70-200 mm lens. We were ascending and the seatbelt lights were still lit up when I spotted mount Fuji through the window on the opposite side of the aisle. I took the seatbelt of before I was allowed to, and was followed by two stewards when I made my way over to the window. I managed to get the shot in time, as I had prepared the settings as much as I could beforehand. Now I was facing two confused, yet respectful stewards that guided me back to my seat. ''Welcome to Japan!'' Said one of them with a grin.  

mount fuji


Snowboarding has taken me to some amazing places in my life so far. This year I will head in for my 10th full winter season. This time the destination will be Niseko, Japan! The plan is to absorb Japans' culture, experience new ways of riding, and to explore new frontiers. This blog will be filled with stories, photo's and little edits. 

Be sure to Stay Tuned!

- Hidde Hageman