Hi, my name is Hidde Hageman. I am a content creator and educator based in the heart of the alps and Europe, Innsbruck, Austria. 

After spending several years as a content marketer and content creator in Japan, it was time to head back to Europe. I am fully focused on creating the best imagery for my clients around the globe.

I am here to help you tell your story. Stories matter. Good stories matter more! Whether you need a great photo series for your advertising, or you would like to learn more about (digital) story-telling - I am here to help you and your content to the next level!

As a kid I was always interested in the art of photography. I started of using analog cameras. The first camera I owned was a Leica mini, a camera that I still have in my collection today. I can still remember the pleasure and sensation of getting a film developed. Photography has always been able to put a smile on my face! 

I am a graduate of the University of applied sciences in Utrecht. I followed the four year bachelor 'International Communication and Media' from which I graduated with a specialization in marketing and a minor in Photojournalism. 

The ultimate goal for me, as a content creator is to capture the most amazing moments, people and places, whilst exploring this mind-blowing planet. I am willing and able to work on all sorts of projects.

Send me an email, lets talk soon! 

School: Bachelor of Communication Systems. Minor in Photojournalism and specialization in marketing

Equipment of choice: Canon 5DMK3, 14mm Samyang 2.8, 24-105 F4 Canon L, 70-200 F2.8 Canon MK2, 50mm F 1.8 Canon. Several speedlights and tripods. DJI Phantom 4 Drone

Inspiration: Jérôme Tanon, Ansel Adams, Louis Theroux, Ian Ruhter  Mickey Smith